JG0+ Vape Cartridge (Sleep/Relax)

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High quality terpene cartridge with CBD 1 ml glass cartridge packed with 700 MG of CBD and True Terpene Profiles.


Grand Daddy Purple: A powerful Indica strain from California with a sweet, floral, and earthy aroma delivering relaxing and calming effects with a fusion of euphoria and physical relaxation. A sweet berry like flavor for a relaxing and enjoyable vape.
Fragrance: sweet, floral, earthy. 
Effect: relaxed, tired, hungry, a fusion of euphoria and physical relaxation.

Strawnana: The sweet berry scents are paired with hints of earthy notes, giving it a pleasant profile with an enjoyable and natural aroma. A fresh strawberry taste with a light banana finish.
Fragrance:Strawberry, sweet, berry
Effect:Relaxed, happy, euphoric