JGO+ Vape Cartridge (Focus)

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High quality terpene cartridge with CBD. 1 ml glass cartridge packed with 700 MG of CBD and True Terpene Profiles.


Gelato: A powerful Indica strain named for its dessert like aroma delivering relaxing, happy, giggly, and euphoric side effects. This sweet, pungent, and flowery scent is a potent deliverer of creativity and relaxation making it the perfect all day vape
Fragrance:Sweet, pungent, berry like, and creamy
Effect: relaxed, euphoric, happy, giggly

Cherry Pie: offers an aromatic profile to fall in love with. Beyond the delicious smell of homemade pie, Cherry Pie also offers dank, earthy and sour hints that can range from blueberries to natural spices.
Fragrance: Sweet, Dank, Earthy, Sour
Effect: Happy, relaxed, and uplifted

OG Kush: fragrances deliver a whiff of nature and light lemon. OG Kush’s wood taste comes to the forefront with a touch of sweet notes for a pleasant all day vape.
Fragrance: Earth, pine, wood
Effect: attention, motivation, drive, and improved focus.

Orange Cookies: is known for its calming effects as well as a heady buzz that is likely to lift spirits.
Fragrance: orange, citrus, sweet, piney
Effect: relaxed, creative, uplifting

Sunset Sherbert: ia clean, earthy meets sour strain that also delivers notes of berries and citrus.
Fragrance: clean, earthy, sour
Effect: creative, physical relaxation, carefree mindset

Super Lemon Haze: Full of lemony, citrus notes offering tangy notes should make an almost immediate impression on the nose and taste buds with a refreshing flavor burst that mimics a tart lemon treat.
Fragrance: lemon, citrus
Effect: happy, uplifting, and energetic